Common Questions


How do I get pricing/buy product?

Reward Flooring is sold through an exclusive network of dealers throughout the country. Please visit our dealer locator page to find an authorized dealer, or contact your installer, who can help you find the right local dealer. For inquiries outside the USA, or if you are unable to find a local source, please use our contact page.

 How do I check stock/availability of materials?

Please contact a local dealer to request a stock check. They should be able to provide that information relatively quickly. We strive to have available stock in all items shown on this website at all times, unless they are indicated as ‘Special Order.’

How do I maintain my Hardwood floor?

Maintenance of your floor depends on the type of floor.  You can download our detailed instructions hereIf you are not sure what flooring you have, please contact your dealer or installer and have them verify the item via the invoice from Reward Flooring.

How can I get a sample?

We always recommend visiting a local dealer where you can see larger sample panels. Alternatively you can order a small sample from us directly, but please be aware that one small sample can be somewhat misleading and can never show the range of color or overall feeling of a full floor installation. For further details see our sample page here

I would like to set up an account to purchase products:

Please send us an inquiry using the form provided here.

What kind of moldings and treads are offered and what are their dimensions?

We offer a full range of standard moldings and treads for all products in the Reward Flooring line. You can find specific sizes for molding under each respective product category or in the PDF available for each product.

What do I do if I need to touch up my floor?

There are many different options out there to repair chips and scratches.  Most people blend putty colors to match the specific location where they want to do the repair.  The Wood Doctor kit is a good option that allows you to melt and blend colors, or you can use WoodWise putties and choose the color that best matches the location of the repair.  If the above solutions don't meet your expectations, we recommend putting a new top coat on the floor, or replacing the damaged boards.

Can I install Reward Flooring over radiant heat?

Many Reward Flooring products are warranted when installed over hydronic radiant heating systems, but they are not warranted over electric radiant heat systems. Please refer to the specific Installation Instructions for the product you are interested in to confirm if it is warranted over radiant heat. Below is a brief summary: 

NOT Warranted:

  • All Hickory products, regardless of collection or width


  • European Oak, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut, and Alpine Ash products with plywood backing that are 7.5” wide or narrower
  • European Oak, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut, and Alpine Ash products with solid lumber core that are 9-1/2” wide or narrower.


Additional Information

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